Central Polution Control Board
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1Guidelines for Environmental Audit75.00  45.17 KB
2Environmental Auditing in Polluting Industries75.00  41.64 KB
3Retting of Jute Fibre - Its Impact on Environment30.00  42.32 KB
4Report of the Expert Group on Utilization of Fly Ash in Cement Industry30.00  43.02 KB
5Industry - Specific Pollution Control Status in Problem Areas, Volume No. I (Korba, Chembur, Angul, Teacher and Vishakhapatnam)90.00  41.51 KB
6Action points for Pollution Control in Problem Areas90.00  44.80 KB
7Status Report of H-Acid and G-Salt80.00  41.39 KB
8Inventory of Large & Medium Water Polluting Industries in Orissa70.00  46.49 KB
9Industry - Specific Pollution Control Status in Problem Areas Vol-II (Manali and Digboi)75.00  42.34 KB
10Technologies for Control of NOx Emission150.00  42.12 KB
11Implementation Status of the Pollution Control Programme (Phase -I) Along the River Ganga60.00  44.94 KB
12An Inventory of Major Polluting Industries in Ganga Basin & their Pollution Control Status60.00  45.19 KB
13Industry Specific Pollution Control Status in Problem Areas - Vol-III, Greater Cochin and Bhadravati100.00  42.28 KB
14National Inventory for Large and Medium Industries and Status of Effulent Treatment & Emission Control System (Vol-I)450.00  44.22 KB
15National Inventory for Large and Medium Industries and Status of Effulent Treatment & Emission Control System (Vol-II)450.00  44.21 KB
16Assessment of Impact to to Air Environment : Guidelines for Conducting Air Quality Modelling75.00  43.24 KB
17State of Environment Jammu City40.00  43.16 KB
18Common Effluent Treatment Plant Performance Evaluation of Operational Projects (U.P.) 1998125.00  44.87 KB
19Optimisation of Combustion Efficiency & Control of Emision from Small (<2TPH) Boilers125.00  44.30 KB
20Guidelines for Development of Greenbelts100.00  44.93 KB
21Environmental Improvement of Waterways in Chennai125.00  143.17 KB
22Monitoring of Human Exposure to Air Pollution in an Industrial Area125.00  143.07 KB
23Transport Fuel Quality for Year - 2005 (Colour)400.00  139.88 KB
24Transport Fuel Quality for Year - 2005 (Black&White)200.00 -
25Noise Pollution Around Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata (A Case study)125.00  52.15 KB
26Pollution Statistics - Bhopal- -
27Status report on Dinapur Sewage Treatment Plant and Surrondings75.00  57.02 KB
28Pollution Control in Small Scale Industries75.00  45.31 KB
29Performance Evaluation of Common Effluent Treatment Plants125.00  46.68 KB
30Report on Effluent Treatment Plants in Uttar Pradesh100.00 -
31Evaluation of Clean Coal Technologies100.00  51.56 KB
32Studies on Rain and Surface Runoff Storm Water in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Daman100.00  42.20 KB
33Effluent Toxicity Staus in Water Pollution Industries500.00  46.30 KB
34Assessment of Industrial Pollution875.00 -
35Alternate Coal Ash Transformation Disposal Systems for Thermal Power Plants120.00  45.21 KB
36Status of Pollution Control, Flyash Management and Performace of Air Pollution Control Equipment in Thermal Power in West Bengal465.00 -
37Enviornmental Management in Selected Industirial Sectors-  30.57 KB
38Spatial Distribution of Hourly Mixing Depth Over Indian Region500.00 -
39Enviornmental Status of Leh and Adjoining Areas500.00  48.16 KB
40Environmental Status of Silk Screen Printing At Serampore West Bengal ( A Case Study)-  19.78 KB
41Indcative Operational Guidelines On Construction Of Polymer - Bitumen Roads-  20.08 KB
42Guidelines For Environmental Management Of Religious Places-  24.15 KB
43(PROBES/136/2010) Guideline for Idol Imersion-  1.33 MB
45(PROBES/118/2007) Assessment of Fugitive Emissions and Development of Environmental Guidelines for Control of Fugitive Emissions in Cement Manufacturing Industries.(For available soft copy click here)600.00  2.73 MB
46Organisation and Activities of State Water Pollution Control Boards-  26.98 KB
47Industrial Estate Planning-  9.13 KB
48Episodal Pollution : A Case Study - Union Territory of Goa15.00  16.19 KB
49Proceedings of the Workshop on Biological Indicators and Indicators of Environmental Pollution65.00  18.19 KB
50Ocean Outfall for Pondicherry Papers Ltd. - A case Study - U.T. of Pondicherry30.00  25.10 KB
51Initial Environmental Evaluation, Oil Drilling and Group Gathering Stations30.00  91.72 KB
52Organisation and Activities of State Water Pollution Control Boards (Sept.1977 - Aug. 1981)-  20.78 KB
53Mercury Transfer to Environment From Chlor - Alkali Industry - A Case Study20.00  17.37 KB
54Assessment of generation and Control of water Pollution in J.K. Rayon Industry, Kanpur15.00  19.80 KB
55Pollution Control in a Man-Made Fibre Industry with Special Reference to Zinc at Harihar Poly Fibre Karnataka - A Case Study15.00  18.02 KB
56Proceedings of the National Workshop On Marine Outfalls (A26-28, 1984-Panji, Goa)50.00  18.42 KB
57Dust Pollution from Stone Crushers (Sohna Tourist Camp) Gurgaon Distt. Haryana30.00  17.58 KB
58Performance Study of Vanaspati Wastewater Treatment Plant at M/s Shri Ram Foods and Fertilizer Industries30.00  18.42 KB
59Characterstics and Treatment of of Wastewater from an Electric Bulb Manufacturing Unit : A Case Study25.00  20.96 KB
60Control of Air Pollution from Coal Fired Reverberatory Furnaces25.00  17.08 KB
61Brochure on Effluent Treatment Plant in Karnataka State150.00  19.21 KB
62Zonal Committiees Report on Asseessment of Pollution Control Measures in Chlor-Alkali Industries (Mercury Cell)100.00  17.53 KB
63An Assessment of Mercury Pollution Problem at Kothari Industries Limited, Madras30.00  29.65 KB
64Performance Study of Ion - Exchange Resin Treatment System for Mercury Removal from Wastewater at Gujarat Alkalies & Chemical Ltd. Baroda, Gujarat25.00  27.56 KB
65A Study on the Environmental Damage Due to Lethal Chemical Catastrophe in Bhopal-  17.87 KB
66Environmental Auditing in Polluting Industries-  5.00 MB
67Report on Tetraethey Lead (TEL) in Petrol and Lead in Exhausts From Automobiles30.00  41.97 KB
68Inventory of Large and Medium Water Polluting Industries Volume - I (Punjab)125.00  41.70 KB
69Environmental Audit - NOCIL - Agrochemicals125.00  51.13 KB
70Control of Noise Pollution from Diesel Generator Sets55.00  42.08 KB
71Proceedings of the Workshop on Biological Indicators and Indicators of Environmental Pollution 65.00  16.58 KB
72Initial Environmental Evaluation, Oil Drilling and Group Gathering Stations30.00  91.72 KB
73Guidelines for Environmental Audit75.00  4.23 MB
74Cost Benefit Analysis of Dust Control in Cement Industry70.00  11.59 KB