Central Pollution Control Board
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1 Admn.(R)Joining of 5 employees on the post of JLA, MTS grade-I and Driver Grade-I 14-11-2022Office Order  495.53 KB
2 Hindi DivisionPublication of Hindi patrika 'PARYAVARAN' by MoEF&CC09-11-2022Circular  833.22 KB
3 Admn.(P)Circular on Talk/Presentation overview of Vigilance/Disciplinary matter procedures at 12:00 P.M. on 04.11.2022 through VC03-11-2022Circular  60.31 KB
4 Admn.(P)Circular along-with Pledge on Observance of Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day) on 31st October, 202228-10-2022Circular  820.06 KB
5 F&A DivisionForm 12BB for submission of Income Details & proof of savings in Annexure I and II for the Financial Year 2022-202328-10-2022Circular  679.01 KB
6 F&A DivisionCircular For Income-Tax Deduction From Salaries During The Financial Year 2022-23 Under Section 192 Of The Income tax Act, 196128-10-2022Circular  1.04 MB
7 Admn.(P)Circular on Observance of Vigilance Week , 202227-10-2022Circular  1.54 MB
8 Admn.(R)Order regarding Promotion of Shri Nardeo Singh to the post of Accounts Officer 22-10-2022Office Order  130.55 KB
9 Admn.(R)Order regarding Promotion of Shri Rakesh Kumar Ahuja to the post of Senior Technical Supervisor22-10-2022Office Order  133.34 KB
10 Admn.(R)Promotion of Three (03) Employees from the post of SLA to SSA22-10-2022Office Order  133.73 KB
11 Admn.(R)completion of probation period of 3 AACO employees22-10-2022Office Order  128.58 KB
12 Admn.(R)Promotion of Sh. Basant Kumar, MTS-I to JLA22-10-2022Office Order  334.88 KB
13 Admn.(R)Promotion of Sh. Deveshwar Prasad, Driver grade-I to Driver Special Grade22-10-2022Office Order  133.73 KB
14 Admn.(R)Promotion of 4 Employees of CPCB from UDC to Assistant22-10-2022Office Order  134.44 KB
15 Admn.(R)Promotion of Sh. Vijay Bansal, Accounts Assistant to Assistant Accounts Officer22-10-2022Office Order  215.81 KB
16 Material DivisionCircular regarding Compliance of IEM suggestions on AMC/CAMC services 20-10-2022Circular  172.91 KB
17 Admn.(P)Officer Order regarding Shri D.K. Soni, Sc. E will Officiate the duties of RD, Lucknow 19-10-2022Office Order  60.45 KB
18 Admn.(P)Office order regarding financial incentives 14-10-2022Office Order  551.32 KB
19 Admn.(R)To complete the last 3 years APARs by Ms. Medha Sharma, Sc. B and Smt. Yogesh Chandra, Sc. B13-10-2022Memorandum  69.02 KB
20 AQMOffice Order regarding areas allotted to Officers for further CAQM Inspection10-10-2022Circular  1,008.43 KB
21 Material DivisionTo inform to Material Division about handing and taking over assets on retirement/resignation etc.04-10-2022Circular  1.68 MB
22 Admn.(P)Office Order regarding joining of Sh. Z Changsan, Sc. E at CPCB HO03-10-2022Office Order  151.01 KB
23 Admn.(P)Office Order regarding Transfers and Postings made in Public Interest 27-09-2022Office Order  98.25 KB
24 Hindi DivisionCircular regarding Competition on the Occasion of Hindi Day (from 14-09-2022 - 29-09-2022))07-09-2022Circular  1.06 MB
25 Admn.(R)To fill the Performa for Self Assessment by 07 Nos. of Scientist B07-09-2022Memorandum  68.18 KB
26 Admn.(R)Promotion of Two (02) Employees from the post of PS to AO31-08-2022Office Order  88.84 KB
27 Admn.(R)Promotion of Two (02) Employees from the post of UDC to Assistant31-08-2022Office Order  88.82 KB
28 Admn.(R)Promotion of Six (06) Employees from the post of Assistant to Section Officer31-08-2022Office Order  88.87 KB
29 Admn.(R)Joining of 8 promoted officers for the post of Scientist B30-08-2022Office Order  78.65 KB
30 ITCircular regarding IT Peripherals covered under AMC/CAMC29-08-2022Circular  32.47 KB
31 Building DivisionMock drill exercise of File Extinguisher and fire fighting system to be held on 30-08-2022 at 4 pm29-08-2022Circular  40.11 KB