Central Pollution Control Board
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1PRCelebration of International Yoga Day - 202220-06-2022Circular  90.90 KB
2Admn.(P)Circular regarding travelling Allowances on transfer to/from North-Eastern Region, Union Territories of Andaman & Nicobar, Lakshadweep Island and Ladakh – in respect of the CG employees17-06-2022Circular  266.64 KB
3Material DivisionOffice Order regarding physical verification for 2021-2215-06-2022Office Order  563.93 KB
4Admn.(R)Appointment of Ms. Roy Jyoti Rajkumar as Consultant A at CPCB14-06-2022Office Order  382.27 KB
5Admn.(R)Appointment of Ms. Meenal Gupta as Consultant B at MoEF&CC, Delhi14-06-2022Office Order  394.53 KB
6Admn.(R)Appointment of Ms. Lekha Jagannath Dhote as Consultant A at Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee14-06-2022Office Order  410.45 KB
7Admn.(R)Final Seniority list of all Group of Officers/Officials (except FCS) working in CPCB as on 01.01.202210-06-2022Memorandum  6.98 MB
8ETUSubmission of Training titles for Training Programme09-06-2022Circular  890.73 KB
9Admn.(R)Appointment of Sh. Vipin as Consultant B at MoEF&CC, Delhi06-06-2022Office Order  400.32 KB
10Admn.(R)Appointment of Sh. Ashutosh Kumar Bharti as Technical Supervisor in CPCB06-06-2022Office Order  379.61 KB
11PRRegarding World Environment Day - 202203-06-2022Circular  67.99 KB
12Admn.(R)Appointment of Sh. Sujeet Kumar Chourasia as JLA in CPCB03-06-2022Office Order  377.51 KB
13Building DivisionCircular regarding vehicle requisition by officers31-05-2022Circular  136.50 KB
14Admn.(P)Transfers and postings are made in public interest with immediate effect30-05-2022Office Order  59.96 KB
15Admn.(R)Appointment of Ms. Gayatri Chawda as Consultant A at UPPCB27-05-2022Office Order  427.91 KB
16Admn.(R)Appointment of Sh. Jit Saha Choudhury as LDC in CPCB26-05-2022Office Order  351.94 KB
17Admn.(C)Circular regarding COVID Booster Vaccination Camp at CPCB, Delhi 18-05-2022Circular  52.34 KB
18Admn.(R)Appointment of Ms. Nikita as Consultant A at MoEF&CC, Delhi13-05-2022Office Order  424.06 KB
19Admn.(C)Transfers and postings are made in public interest with immediate effect06-05-2022Office Order  70.12 KB
20Admn.(R)Appointment of Sh. Ramakrishna Chinthapalli as Consultant B at CPCB06-05-2022Office Order  423.05 KB
21Admn.(R)Appointment of Sh. Tushar Kanti Das as JLA in CPCB04-05-2022Office Order  377.07 KB
22Admn.(R)Appointment of Sh. Mohit Verma as Technical Supervisor in CPCB25-04-2022Office Order  370.69 KB
23Admn.(P)Regarding APARs forms for the period from 01.04.2021 to 31.03.202222-04-2022Memorandum  67.80 KB
24Admn.(R)Appointment of Sh. Sandeep Lakhiram Narnaware as Consultant A at Chhattisgarh Env. Conservation Board13-04-2022Office Order  475.47 KB
25F&A DivisionCircular for Deduction of Income Tax at Source under section 192 of Income Tax act for the FY-2022-2307-04-2022Circular  180.64 KB
26Admn.(R)Appointment of sh. Maninder Kaur as Consultant B at Haryana SPCB07-04-2022Office Order  455.76 KB
27Admn.(R)Appointment of Sh. Pappu Kumar as Consultant A at Bihar SPCB07-04-2022Office Order  779.33 KB
28Admn.(R)Appointment of Sh. Kartikey Sahil as Consultant A at West Bengal SPCB07-04-2022Office Order  808.70 KB
29Admn.(R)Appointment of Sh. Bharati Sharad Bharat as Junior Technician at CPCB, Delhi07-04-2022Office Order  390.76 KB
30Admn.(R)To submit proforma along with 3 year APAR for self assessment for consideration under MFCS (Last date - 20-04-2022)06-04-2022Memorandum  1,013.49 KB
31Admn.(R)To submit Assessment Report for probation clearance06-04-2022Memorandum  1.04 MB
32Admn.(R)Order regarding extension of Fellowship of PS-I, RA-1, SRF and JRF31-03-2022Office Order  1.61 MB