Technical Reports

  1. State of Environment of cities. (Varanasi, Lucknow, Allahabad and Jammu).
  2. Environmental Management Plan of Kanpur & Agra
  3. Automatic Water Quality Monitoring of River Ganga – 1992-95
  4. Pollution Assessment of River Kosi
  5. Common Effluent Treatment Plant Performance Evaluation of Operational Projects (U.P.)
  6. Status Reports on Dinapur Sewage Treatment Plant and surroundings
  7. Ground Water Quality in Kanpur- Status, Sources and Control Measures
  8. Action Point for Pollution Control in Problem Areas
  9. Ground Water Quality Monitoring in Problem Areas
  10. Ground Water Quality Monitoring in areas of intense industrial activity. (Unnao, Panipat, Ludhiana and Ghaziabad)
  11. Pollution Assessment in Ramgarh Lake (U.P.) and Naini Lake Nainital (U.P.)
  12. Report on Impact of Environment Pollution created by unorganized sectors in Kanpur
  13. Effect of Sewage Irrigation at Jajmau, Kanpur
  14. Report on Mercury Balance in Chlore-alkali Industry
  15. Report on Ground Water Remediation at Kanpur
  16. Report on AAQM at Kanpur
  17. Report on Problem Area study
  18. Environmental Status of Lucknow – At a Glance
  19. Environmental Status of Mandi Govind Garh
  20. 20. Leather Processing Industries in India- Technological Intervention for preservation of hide and skin
  21. 21. Reduction of chromium in tannery wastewater through Optimization of Chrome Tanning Operations

Newsletters (Parivesh )

  1. Groundwater
  2. Common Effluent Treatment Plants,Performance Evaluation Of Operational Projects in U.P.
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