The laboratory of East Zone Office has been accredited by NABL in June 2004. With scope to analyse 40 parameters for water, 10 parameters for sediments and 5 parameters for air and accreditation is being maintained. Further, surveillance have been made in the last year to incorporate few additional parameters. Presently this Zonal Laboratory is equipped with number of sophisticated instruments to expand scope to analyse PAN, VOC, different pesticides, ions, water, air and sediment.

The studies on

i. Characterisation of particulate matter of different sizes in ambient air and

ii. Impact of air pollutants on thunderstorms are being carried out in collaboration with WNSPCB and Department of Atmospheric Science (CCU) respectively.

Arsenic & content in the ground water, especially in the area of Ganga river belt. CPCB East zone office monitored ARU installed in West Bengal

Arsenic contamination in ground water in West Bengal and Bihar has become a cause of concern. CPCB is regularly monitoring the trend of arsenic contamination and the performance of Arsenic Removal Plant (ARP) installed as short term measure. CPCB also suggested possible measure through presentation in National Planning Commission.

Similarly, contamination of fluoride in different areas in West Bengal and Orissa are being regularly monitored to assess the level of contamination and its impact on human health and livestock.

Activities Related to Industrial Pollution Control

  1. ESS Inspection and related Enforcement activities.
  2. Inspection of Industries (SMS alert system) and verification of Online monitoring system. (Aluminum Smelter/ Refinery, Cement Plant, Power Plant, Sponge Iron, Steel Plant etc).
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