Publications with contribution by West Zone Office

  1. Oil pollution and the Marine Environment published under Coastal Pollution Control Series: COPOCS/26/2001.
  2. Municipal Sewage Pollution Along Indian Coastal Waters published under Coastal Pollution Control Series: COPOCS/27/2001.
  3. Studies on Rain and Surface Runoff Storm water in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Daman published under Programme objective Series: Probes/89/2002-2003.
  4. • Performance Evaluation of CETPs.
  5. Parivesh Newsletter on Common Effluent Treatment Plants.
  6. Fish Processing Wastes Disposal Practices and Options under COPOCS/32/2005-06 series.
  7. Pollution From Coastal Aquaculture under COPOCS/31/2005-06 series
  8. Environmental Status of Diu Island
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