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  1. A Report on "Assessment of Pollution of Drains Carrying Sewage /Industrial Effluent Joining River Ganga and its Tributaries (Kali-East/Ramganga) between Haridwar (Down) to Kanpur (Down)" Submitted to Hon'ble NGT in the matter of M C Mehta vs Union of India & ORS
  2. NGT Order dated 22.09.2016 in the matter of Almitra .H. Patel Vs Union of India & Ors-OA No. 199 of 2014
  3. Submission of Action plan for Control of Air pollution in Mahul, Ambapada & Chembur areas in Compliance of NGT(WZ)'s Order dated 18.12.15 in Application no. 40/2014 (WZ) (dated-17.10.16)
  4. NGT Order dated 09.09.2016 in the matter of Almitra .H. Patel Vs Union of India & Ors-OA No. 199 of 2014
  5. Restoration/Rejuvenation of River Ganga suggestions/Proposals for phase-1, Segment "B" Submitted before Honrable NGT in the matter of O.A. No. 501 of 2014 and in compliance of Order dated 05.07.2016
  6. Water Quality of River Yamuna in Delhi Submitted to Hon'ble NGT in the matter of Manoj Mishra vs Union of India & ORS (CWP 300 OF 2013)
  7. Compliance Statement on behalf of MoEFCC and CPCB
  8. Report on Ganga Matter of Uttarakhand & Uttar pradesh
  9. Restoration Rejuvenation of River Ganga
  10. Inspection Report on Solid Waste Management at Haridwar and Integrated SW Management Facility (under construction) at Sarai, Haridwar
  11. Selection criteria for Waste Processing Technologies
  12. Action Plan Compliance review report by CPCB for Noida CPA in the matter of Sanjay Agnihotri vs Union of India
  13. Inspection Report of STPs in Agra with reference to Hon'ble NGT Court Order dated 09.12.2015 in the matter of O.A No.145 of 2015
  14. Report of the Expert Committee constituted by NGT,Principal bench ,New Delhi in the Matter of O.A NO.37 of 2015
  15. Affidavit ( including minutes of meeting ) of CPCB in the Matter of Shweta Narayan Vs Union of India ( Application no. 178/2014)
  16. NGT Judgement on online monitoring in sugar industries, order 03-11-2015
  17. Report of Core Committee Constituted by NGT for "Monitoring of Potential Hazards of Ind. Development in Singrauli Area
  18. NGT order dated August 03, 2015 in case of M/S Ramaa Shayama Paper Ltd.
  19. Minutes of the Meeting held pursuant to Direction of National Green Tribunal in Application No. 102 of 2014 by Sandplast (India) & Anr. regarding Utilization of Fly Ash
  20. Minutes of the meeting held pursuant to the Direction of NGT in Application No. 199 of 2014 in Matter of Almitra H.Patel & Anr regarding Standards for MSW Incinerators for Power Generation and visit of the MSW sites in Haryana
  21. Standards for Incinerators of MSW Proposed in the Final Draft of the MSW(Management and Handling ) Rules, 2015 [At schedule II A (11) (c)]
  22. Affidavit filed in compliance of the oral order of Hon'ble NGT dated 20-02-2015
  23. Guidelines for in-use Generator Sets as per direction of Hon'ble NGT, Delhi
  24. Final Report on Air Quality Status in the NCR (as per NGT order in application no. 21 of 2014 (In the matter of Vardhman Kaushik Vs. Union of India))
  25. Suggestive/Indicative "Action Plan for Management of Municipal Solid Waste" [In compliance with Hon'ble National Green Tribunal Order Dated 5th February, 2015 in the Matter of OA No. 199 of 2014, Almitra H. Patel & Anr. Vs Union of India & Ors.]
  26. Report on inspection carried out by team in compliance of NGT order dated 20-01-2015
  27. Report of the Committee Constituted by Hon'ble National Green Tribunal, Principal Bench, New Delhi in the Case No. 667/2014 arising out of O.A. No. 102/2014, M/s. Sandplast India Pvt. Ltd., Vs. MoEF and Others
  28. Consolidated Annual Review Report 2013-14 on Implementation of MSW (Management & Handling) Rules, 2000
  29. NGT order dated November 3, 2014 and December 02, 2014 in the matter of Almitra H. Patel Vs Union of India & Ors-OA.No. 199 0f 2014
  31. Criteria for Seriously Polluting Industries
  32. The compliance statement on behalf of CPCB for the order 29.10.14 in M.A. No. 879 in NGT application No. 299 of 2013
  33. The compliance statement on behalf of CPCB for the order 15.09.14 in M.A. No. 879 in NGT application No. 299 of 2013
  34. In compliance of the order passed by the Hon'ble Tribunal dated July 04, 2014, the report of committee submitted by CPCB to the Tribunal in accordance to order May 06, 2014
  35. The compliance statement for theorder passed passed by the Hon'ble Tribunal dated 05-02-2014 the details of Grossly Polluting Industries (GPI) operating in 5 Ganga states
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