Major Activities:

  1. Pollution assessment (survey and monitoring) in the North East.
  2. Inspection and monitoring as per direction Hon’ble High Court/ NGT
  3. Pollution Control Enforcement.
  4. Inspection & Monitoring with reference to VIP/ Public complaints.
  5. Inspection & monitoring of facilities (CETP, STPs, CBMWTF).
  6. Surveillance of National Air & Water Quality monitoring stations.
  7. Compilation of information and making it available under ‘Right to Information (RTI) Act’.
  8. Co-ordination with SPCBs & PCCs.
  9. Strengthening, operation and maintenance of laboratory.
  10. To deal with matters pertaining to parliament and parliamentary standing committee.
  11. Review of implementation of status of action plan of critically polluted/CEPI areas.
  12. Inter-state river monitoring.
  13. Air & Noise monitoring during Deepawali Festival.
  14. Assessment of wastes management in North Eastern States.

Scientific & Technical Activities:

  1. Implementation of new wastes Management Rules 2016 in NE States with setting up of model area for demonstration of source segregation, collection and disposal of MSW in Aizawl, Mizoram, carried out jointly with Mizoram Board.
  2. Setting of Model facilities for in-house management and handling of bio-medical Wastes in selected health care facilities in the state of Meghalaya.
  3. Assessment on Environmental issues in Pharmaceutical Formulation units in North East region– Preparation of status report and Environmental Management in the Breweries and Grain based distilleries in the North East.
  4. Water Quality assessment in major International/ Interstate boundary rivers, polluting river stretches and lakes in the NE region.
  5. Air & Noise Monitoring carried out during Deepawali festival.

Activities Related to Industrial Pollution Control :

  1. ESS Inspection and related Enforcement activities.
  2. Inspection of Industries (SMS alert system) and verification of Online monitoring system as and when directed by the Head Office .
  3. Implementation of Rules for compliance of newly notified Emission Standard in Cement Industries.


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