Central Polution Control Board
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1(COINDS/80/2009-10) Comprehensive Industry Document on Electric Arc & Induction Furnaces-  8.36 MB
2(COINDS/67/2007)Development of Standards for Rubber Products Manufacturing Industry-  2.58 MB
3Guidelines for (i) Siting of rice shellers/mills; (ii) handling and storage of rice husk and (iii) handling, storage and disposal of ash generated in boiler using rice (COINDS/82/2012-13)-  1.94 MB
4(COINDS/63/2006-07) Comprehensive Industry Document on Ginning Industry120.00  0 bytes
5Comprehensive Industry Document Man-Made Fibre Industry100.00  33.55 KB
6Minimal National Standards Man-Made Fibre Industry40.00  27.88 KB
7Comprehensive Industry Document Oil Refineries100.00  18.66 KB
8Minimal National Standards : Oil Refineries40.00  23.36 KB
9Comprehensive Industry Document - Chlor Alkali Industry (Abridged)50.00  18.58 KB
10Comprehensive Industry Document Khandsari (Sugar Industry)40.00  16.13 KB
11Comprehensive Industry Document on Sugar Industry100.00  51.32 KB
12Minimal National Standards - Sugar Industry50.00  16.05 KB
13Comprehensive Industry Document - Fermentation Industries100.00  20.77 KB
14Minimal National Standards : Fermentation, Maltries, Breweries and Distilleries Industries25.00  33.87 KB
15Comprehensive Industry Document on Lime Kilns Industry75.00  15.87 KB
16Comprehensive Industry Document on Gas-based Thermal Power Plant70.00  42.30 KB
17Minimal National Standards :Pesticides Manufacturing and Formulation Industry40.00  26.57 KB
18Comprehensive Industry Document on Brick Kilns70.00 -
19Emission Regulation (July 1984) Part- I20.00  13.08 KB
20Emission Regulation (July 1985) Part - II40.00  10.21 KB
21Minimal National Standards :Straight Phosphates Fertilizer Industry50.00  20.76 KB
22Emission Regulation Part - III120.00  5.89 MB
23Minimal National Standards : Thermal Power Plant25.00  15.73 KB
24Comprehensive Industry Document for Small Pulp and Paper Industry30.00  15.37 KB
25Minimal National Standards for Small Pulp and Paper Industry25.00  17.30 KB
26Minimal National Standards Straight Nitrogenous Fertilizer Industry25.00  17.20 KB
27Minimal National Standards : Complex Fertilizer Industries (With or Without Nitrogenous and Phosphate Fertilizers)25.00  15.06 KB
28Emission Regulation - Part - IV25.00  14.50 KB
29Comprehensive Industry Document - Integrated Iron & Steel Plants110.00  16.40 KB
30Comprehensive Industry Document - Integrated Aluminium Industry (Emission Control)50.00  11.31 KB
31Minimal National Standards : Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Formulation Industry45.00  10.98 KB
32Revised Minimal National Standards (Pesticide Specific)15.00  28.12 KB
33Minimal National Standards : Selected Inorganic Chemical Industry40.00  14.87 KB
34Minimal National Standards for Liquid Effuent -Paint Industry30.00  14.24 KB
35Minimal National Standard for Dye and Dye Intermediate Industry35.00  18.32 KB
36Minimal National Standard for Tanneries50.00  15.35 KB
37Comprehensive Industry Document for Large Pulp & Paper Industry100.00  44.38 KB
38Comprehensive Industry Document on Slaughter House, Meat and Sea Food Processing60.00  41.22 KB
39Comprehensive Industry Document on Edible Oil & Vanaspati Industry.55.00  41.57 KB
40Comprehensive Industry Document on Dairy Industry60.00  38.33 KB
41Pesticides Industry : Status50.00  40.67 KB
42Comprehensive Industry Document on Starch and Glucose (Maize Processing) Industry160.00  42.13 KB
43Waste Water Management in Pesticide Industry55.00  44.76 KB
44Comprehensive Industry Document on Ceramic Industry100.00  56.19 KB
45Comprehensive Evaluation of treatment technology for Cement Industry100.00  40.01 KB
46Comprehensive Industry Document on Fertilizer Industry190.00  38.40 KB
47Comprehensive Industry Document on Spent Pot Lining(SPL) Waste from Aluminium Industry80.00  96.95 KB
48Natural Rubber Processing100.00  40.46 KB
49Comprehensive Industry Document on Rice Mills100.00  47.49 KB
50Comprehensive Industry Document on Textile Industries150.00  197.65 KB
51Comprehensive Industry Document on Coffee Processing Industry200.00  19.04 KB
52Comprehensive Industry Document Stone Crushers -  3.02 MB
53Comprehensive Industry Document on Cashew nut Processing Industries-  971.62 KB
54Comprehensive Industry Document on Tea Processing Industry-  831.07 KB