Major Activities

  1. Inspection and monitoring as per direction Hon’ble High Court/ NGT.
  2. Pollution Control Enforcement.
  3. Inspection and Monitoring of STP/rivers/drains and industries under National Ganga River Basin Authority. (NGRBA)
  4. Inspection & Monitoring with reference to VIP/ Public complaints.
  5. Inspection & monitoring of facilities (CETP, STPs, TSDF, CBMWTF).
  6. Surveillance of National Air & Water Quality monitoring stations.
  7. Monitoring of HW co-processing activities.
  8. Compilation of information and making it available under ‘Right to Information (RTI) Act’.
  9. Co-ordination with SPCBs & PCCs
  10. Strengthening, operation and maintenance of laboratory.
  11. To deal with matters pertaining to parliament and parliamentary standing committee
  12. Implementation of OHSMSC and NABL Accreditation
  13. Review of implementation of status of action plan of critically polluted/CEPI areas.
  14. Inter-state river monitoring.
  15. Air & Noise monitoring during Deepawali Festival.

Scientific & Technical Activities:

  1. Inspection of Grossly polluted industries (25 Nos.) under NGRBA and other enforcement activity.
  2. Review of implementation of Status of Action plans of Critically Polluted Area (CEPI) (Angul Talcher, Dhanbad, Haldia, Asansol and Howrah area.).
  3. Identification of Drains/ Nalla flowing to River Ganga
  4. Assessment of pollution load from Coal Washeries.
  5. Air & Noise Monitoring carried out at 4 Locations during Deepawali festival.

Technical Reports

  1. Oil pollution and the marine environment COPOCS/26/2001-2003
  2. Municipal sewage pollution along Indian Coastal Waters COPOCS/27/2002-2003
  3. Pollution potential from coastal aquaculture COPOCS/31/2005-2006
  4. Fish processing waste disposal practices and options COPOCS/32/2005-2006
  5. Environmental status of Diu
  6. The state of Coastal Sea in West Bengal
  7. Environmental Status & Statistics of Sunderbans – A fragile Ecosystem in the North Eastern Coast of India
  8. Assessment of Environmental Quality of Eastern Region – Haldi & Rupnarayan
  9. Draft report on Noise level in Metro Rail, Kolkata
  10. Draft report on Environmental Status of Leh and adjoining areas
  11. Draft reports on Performance Evaluation of Pollution Control Facilities in Pharmaceuticals and Pulp and Paper Industries
  12. Draft report on Environmental Status of Digha.
  13. Draft report on Immersion of Idols in Water Bodies in Calcutta
  14. Draft report on Dairy Industries of West Bengal
  15. Draft report in Ambient Air Quality at Traffic Intersections in Patna city
  16. Interim report on Status of Pollution Control facilities in Sugar Industry in Bihar
  17. Marine Debris – The Menace
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