Important projects undertaken

  1. Projects related to the mandate of this office including compliance of the Hon’ble Supreme Court Directives and NGT Court orders.
  2. Compliance to Hon’ble Supreme Court direction and Monitoring of Ambient Air Quality at 4 identified locations (Tajmahal, Itmad-ud-daulah, Rambagh, Nunhai) including submission of data to the local authorities.
  3. Monitoring of Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) in all CPCB monitoring stations in Agra
  4. Studies related to characterization of Ambient Particulate Matter
  5. River Yamuna water quality studies
  6. Performance evaluation of STPs/CETP in TTZ
  7. Ground water monitoring in different cities of TTZ
  8. Ambient Air Quality monitoring in different cities of TTZ
  9. Characterization of Rain Water in Agra
  10. Indoor Air Quality Study in Agra
  11. Monitoring of NOx level at different locations in Agra
  12. SO2 & NO2 measurement study at different flow rates
  13. Toluene Soluble Organic Fraction Study (TSOF)
  14. Environmental Status of Petha units of Agra
  15. Environmental Status of Shoe Industry of Agra
  16. Joint Inspection, Survey & Monitoring of Glass industries of Firozabad city in compliance to NGT Court Order.
  17. Joint Inspection & Monitoring of STPs of Agra & Mathura in compliance to NGT Court Orders.
  18. Environmental Management Plan of TTZ/Agra.

Other Activities :

  1. Monthly Air Quality Bulletin, AQI, RTI and progress reports
  2. Implementation of MSW, BMW Management in TTZ & other implementation & Surveillance activities
  3. Inspection of NAMP stations, MSW treatment & disposal sites, STPs/CETP in TTZ
  4. Co-ordination with Local SPCB’s (both UP and Rajasthan), Taj-Trapezium Zone (Authority), ASI, ANN, ADA etc. and participation in local meetings like TTZ(A), CEPI, Monitoring Committee etc.
  5. Inspection, Survey & monitoring as per direction of Courts, HO/ZOL, TTZ(A) etc.
  6. Training to students of Agra University
  7. Mass Awareness Activities
  8. Implementation of Rajbhasa Hindi

Profile & Important Activities:

The CPCB, Project Office-cum-Laboratory at Agra was established in November, 2001, to coordinate the ambient air quality monitoring on all days in a week at four identified locations at Agra as was entrusted by the Hon’ble Supreme Court.
CPCB is carrying out manual monitoring of ambient air quality in Agra at Four location viz. Tajmahal, Etmad-ud-daulah, Rambagh (all protected monuments) and Nunhai (Industrial Area) since 2002. The monitoring is being continued as per National Ambient Air Quality Monitoring norms at three monitoring locations, viz. ‘Itmad-ud-daulah’, ‘Rambagh’ and industrial area ‘Nunhai’; however being a sensitive location, monitoring at ‘Tajmahal’ is being done for six days in a week (i.e. except Fridays and listed Holidays). CPCB project office-Agra has its jurisdiction over Taj Trapezium Zone.


The association and involvement with TTZ authorities to address the local issues besides coordination efforts towards environmental protection / pollution problems around Tajmahal are also the important aspects of this office. The Board in its 132nd meeting resolved to continue the office with following objectives:

  1. The office shall have entire TTZ area under its jurisdiction
  2. The mandate of the office would be to deal with the environmental issues of Tajmahal and its surroundings
  3. To continue with the Ambient Air Quality monitoring activity at four locations (Tajmahal for all days except holidays and 104 days at other 3 locations)
  4. To look after the functioning of the infrastructure created under CIDA project and other bilateral projects including automatic air quality monitoring station and data display system (proposed in future).
  5. To carry out the source apportionment study of PM10 and emissions inventory in Agra and TTZ in particular
  6. Establishment of continuous air quality monitoring and on line data display system at Agra including data transfer to CPCB head office
  7. To coordinate with the State Board and District Administration towards implementation of various Rules & Regulations pertaining to environment
  8. ESS activities in the jurisdiction and gradual establishment of water laboratory, data base management system, training infrastructure with calibration facilities with special reference to Air Quality.
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