1. Environmental Guidelines for Compressed Bio-gas Plant (CBG)/Bio-CNG Plants
  2. SOP for bio composting operation for molasses based distillery

Important Projects of  Industrial  Pollution  Control (IPC)  Division  - III

  1. Charter for water recycling and pollution prevention in Pulp and Paper industries (ongoing, in-house).
  2. COIND for Food & Beverages & Soft drinks (new-in-house) including revision of standards.
  3. Revision of Bio-composting guidelines w.r.t utilization of MEE concentration in composting (new-in-house).
  4. Assessment of waste water generation from different textile processes
  5. Implementation of Pollution Control measures, enhancing pollution compliance status and enforcement mechanism, implementation of standards, ESS activities, Public Complaint investigation and Court matters salary of project staff, telephone, travel etc.
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