Central Polution Control Board
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1ETUCircular Regarding Nomination for Training Programmes for Officials of CPCB for the year 2020-202118-01-2021Circular  1.30 MB
2Admn.(R)Circular regarding requirement of extension of Project staff 13-01-2021Office Order  334.40 KB
3Admn.(P)Office order regarding transfer and posting of Shri P.K. Sharma, Assistant from RD Vadodara to CPCB,HO12-01-2021Office Order  433.95 KB
4Admn.(R)To submit performa along with 3 year APAR for self assessment for consideration under MFCS (Last date - 20.01.2021)08-01-2021Memorandum  432.55 KB
5Admn.(R)Provisional Seniority list of all Group of Officers/Officials (except FCS) working in CPCB as on 08.01.202008-01-2021Memorandum  2.77 MB
6Admn.(P)Regarding forwarding applications of employment to other Departments 07-01-2021Circular  419.42 KB
7Admn.(P)Circular regarding submission of Annual Immovable Property Return07-01-2021Circular  572.23 KB
8Admn.(P)Regarding Drawal of next increment Under Rule 10 of Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rule - 2016 06-01-2021Memorandum  1.17 MB
9Admn.(P)Revised Basic Pay after promotion of Smt. Meena Sharma from the post of PS to AO31-12-2020Office Order  103.14 KB
10Admn.(R)Appointment of Ms. Archana Singh as Assistant Account Officer28-12-2020Office Order  131.67 KB
11Admn.(R)Appointment of Ms. Arti Bhatia as Private Secretary28-12-2020Office Order  251.55 KB
12Admn.(R)Joining of Smt. Meena Sharma as Administrative Officer23-12-2020Office Order  669.41 KB
13Admn.(R)Joining of Sh. Diganta Kalita as Account fficer23-12-2020Office Order  649.74 KB
14Admn.(R)Financial Upgradation granted to 13 employees under MACP Scheme23-12-2020Office Order  2.71 MB
15Admn.(R)Appointment of Sh. Deepak Saini as Consultant (Science & Engineering)21-12-2020Office Order  240.49 KB
16MSSectionPreventive measures to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), in the premises of CPCB17-12-2020Circular  256.12 KB
17Admn.(P)Regarding Transfer and Posting Order in public interest15-12-2020Office Order  740.98 KB
18Admn.(R)Regarding list of Project Employees and Project wise posted in Division/ RDs07-12-2020Office Order  387.14 KB
19Admn.(P)Preventive measures to be taken to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID -19) - Attendance regarding03-12-2020Memorandum  8.64 MB
20Admn.(R)Regarding list of identified posts suitable for all the categories of disabilities27-11-2020Office Order  355.05 KB
21Admn.(R)Order regarding promotion of Smt. Meena Sharma from the post of PS to Administrative Officer26-11-2020Office Order  458.14 KB
22Admn.(R)Order regarding promotion of Sh. D. Kalita from Asst. Acc. Officer to Account Officer 26-11-2020Office Order  46.67 KB
23Admn.(C)Free Coronavirus positively Testing Camp in the premises on CPCB24-11-2020Circular  170.75 KB
24Admn.(C)Free Coronavirus positively Testing Camp in the premises on CPCB (HINDI Version)24-11-2020Circular  56.28 KB
25Admn.(P)Restart of Biometric Attendance System20-11-2020Circular  275.37 KB
26Admn.(P)Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID -19 duty roaster - reg WM-I, II, III CPCB03-11-2020Memorandum  239.39 KB
27Admn.(P)Circular regarding Accepting Gifts/ Valuable articles on occasion of Festivals29-10-2020Circular  141.91 KB
28Admn.(P)Circular regarding Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week 202026-10-2020Circular  1.19 MB
29Admn.(P)Circular to Maintain Punctuality in Office 26-10-2020Circular  320.81 KB