Studies/Reports regarding impact of Environmental Pollution on Health and Economy
(since 2010) as per order dated. 10.12.2018 of Hon'ble Supreme Court in WP(C) No. 13029/1985
S No.TitleDivisionYearDownload
Health impact assessment of fire crackers bursting during Dusshera & Diwali AQM 2017
Health effects of chronic exposure to smoke from biomass fuel burning in rural households AQM 2012
Epidemiological Study on Effect of Air Pollution on Human Health (Adults) in Delhi AQM 2012
Study on Ambient air quality, respiratory symptoms and lung function of children in Delhi AQM 2012

Awareness note on mobile tower radiation & its impacts on environment

UPC-I 2015

Mobile tower installations in India & its impact on Environment

UPC-I 2010
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