Central Polution Control Board
S. No. Title Uploaded Date Attachment
1 Circular for reading of preamble and the Importance of Fundamental Duties 05-12-2019  163.51 KB
2 Notice for Students Winter Training/ Dissertation/ Internship 02-12-2019  54.06 KB
3 Year Wise AQC Plan (Compulsory Participation Of Private And Government Sector Environmental Laboratories In Analytical Quality Control (Aqc) Exercise Conducted By Central Pollution Control Board) 16-10-2019  74.50 KB
4 Selection for the post of Member Secretary ,Gujarat PCB, Gandhinagar 14-10-2019  4.91 MB
5 Letter inviting nominations from the officials of SPCBs/PCCs/ Urban development Dept., / Directorate of Municipal Administrations / irrigation department in Southern & Western Region for the one day workshop on "Execution of Action Plan for Polluted River Stretches" 24-06-2019  1.57 MB
6 Indicative Guidelines for Restoration of Water Bodies as on 10.06.2019 10-06-2019  1.23 MB
7 Notice to unregistered Brandowners/Producers as per PWM amendment rules, 2018 02-05-2019  1.30 MB
8 Revised Clarification Regarding Non-Applicability of EPR Authorization under E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016 as amended thereof as on 04.12.2018 04-12-2018  59.88 KB
9 List of Registered PRO under E-Waste (Management) Amendment Rules, 2018 as on 04.12.2018 04-12-2018  99.50 KB
10 Maintenance of technical documents by EPR Authorised Producers 04-12-2018  59.42 KB
11 Complaince status and inspection report of 87 industries along with 14 other industrial units mentioned in the application. O.A No. 33/2013 (THC) karnail singh & ors. vs cpcb & ors. 29-09-2018  63.97 MB
12 Written test for the post of Scientist B (Advt. no. 01/2017-Admn.(R)) to be held on 08.09.2018 (FN) 21-08-2018  144.78 KB
13 Written test for the post of Senior Scientific Assistant (Advt. no. 01/2017-Admn.(R)) to be held on 08.09.2018 (AN) 21-08-2018  88.76 KB
14 Expression of Interest from Experts/Professionals of eminence in the field of environment (invited by NGT) 10-08-2018  186.77 KB
15 Expression of Interest for Rendering Professional Services (invited by NGT) 10-08-2018  1.71 MB
16 Interview for Training course on "Air & Water-Pollution Monitoring" under GSDP at CPCB, Lucknow 26-07-2018  4.02 MB
17 Inviting Innovative Ideas/ Suggestions/Proposals for Air Pollution Mitigation in Delhi-NCR 26-07-2018  210.55 KB
18 Interview on July 19, 2018 for the Master Trainer/Specialist in Pollution Monitoring (Air and Water) under GSDP Course at Central Pollution Control Board, Regional Directorate, Bengaluru 13-07-2018  286.98 KB
19 Interview for the Master Trainer/Specialist in Pollution Monitoring (Air and Water) under GSDP Course at CPCB 28-06-2018  2.94 MB
20 Notice of Time Extension for Remote Calibration Performance check 25-06-2018  65.43 KB
21 Information about Delhi city Air Quality- over all City pollution and location specific Air Quality 20-06-2018  77.17 KB
22 Timelines for implementation of new emission norms for Thermal Power Plants 13-06-2018  556.61 KB
23 Participation of Env. Laboratories in 33rd AQC Execcise being Conducted by CPCB 08-06-2018  206.56 KB
24 Notice for Remote Calibration Performance check 23-05-2018  8.40 KB
25 Guidelines for Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) under E-Waste(Management) Amendment Rules, 2018 23-05-2018  574.46 KB
26 Green Skill Development Programme (GSDP) for Master Trainer in Pollution Monitoring (Air and Water Pollution) 18-05-2018  58.98 KB
27 CPCB invites Expression of Interest (EOI) & Proposal for Projects/studies on Improvisation & Management of Air quality in Delhi NCR under EPC funds 17-05-2018  216.00 KB
28 Caution Notice to Industries on OCEMS Tampering 08-05-2018  36.42 KB
29 Letter to All SPCBs/PCCs regarding Implementation of "Regulation of Persistent Organic Pollutants Rules, 2018" 26-04-2018  245.98 KB
30 Office Memorandum Regarding banned on the use of Party poppers 24-04-2018  70.19 KB
31 Notice Regarding Students Summer Training/Internship 24-04-2018  70.21 KB
32 Revised Procedures for Evaluation of Application for Grant Renewal and Refusal of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Authorisation under E-Waste (management) Rules, 2016 21-03-2018  299.22 KB
33 Finalized Compliance Reporting Protocols for OCEMS 13-03-2018  612.60 KB
34 Attention : EPR Authorized Producers documents to be retained for compliance of collection targets 26-02-2018  36.32 KB
35 Advisory to check illegal felling of trees for charcoal making and exploring the possibilities of use of alternatives for wood based charcoal 20-02-2018  184.99 KB
36 Steps for making an application for EPR- Authorization 16-02-2018  433.07 KB
37 Important Notice to Industries regarding visualization of OCEMS data submitted by Industries to CPCB 14-11-2017  120.10 KB
38 CPCB invites proposals for conducting Skill Development Programme on Environmental Pollution Control 20-09-2017  61.10 KB
39 Important Notice to Industries regarding online data submission 22-04-2017  32.74 KB