Central Polution Control Board

Current Technical Report

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1Water qualityBiological Water Quality Assessment of the River Ganga (2017-18)17-01-2019BioLab  1.75 MB
2Water qualityComparison of Biological Water Quality of River Ganga (2014-18)17-01-2019BioLab  670.52 KB
3Air PollutionHealth impact assessment of fire crackers bursting during Dusshera & Diwali17-01-2019AQM  3.26 MB
4Water qualityBenthic Macro-Invertebrates of River Ganga17-01-2019BioLab  4.46 MB
5Water qualityBiological Health of River Ganga17-01-2019BioLab  5.90 MB
6Water qualityBiological indicators of water quality in river Ganga17-01-2019BioLab  2.53 MB
7Water qualityLab scale feasibility study of using Bacteriophage for reduction of enteric Pathogens in domestic sewage & Wastewater Effluent17-01-2019BioLab  2.86 MB
8Water qualityMicrobial screening of Ganga river17-01-2019BioLab  2.27 MB
9Air PollutionHealth effects of chronic exposure to smoke from biomass fuel burning in rural households17-01-2019AQM  13.45 MB
10Organic CompoundsAdsorbable Organic Halides17-01-2019Instrumentationlab  2.05 MB
11Water qualityEnvironmental issues related with Himalayan stretch of river Ganga (Bhagirathi River)17-01-2019Waterlab  2.69 MB
12Mobile Tower EffectsAwareness note on mobile tower radiation & its impacts on environment17-01-2019UPC-I  617.33 KB
13Mobile Tower EffectsMobile tower installations in India & its impact on Environment17-01-2019UPC-I  27.92 MB
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