Major Objectives

  1. Strengthening of water quality monitoring network for improvement in River Ganga water quality from Gangotri to Bey of Bengal.
  2. Inventorization and assessment of pollution load that included compliance verification of Grossly Polluting Industries (GPIs).
  3. Performance evaluation of Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs).
  4. Adequacy Assessment of Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs).
  5. Pollution Assessment of major drains falling into River Ganga and its tributaries on season-basis has been carried out.
  6. Assessment of Analytical Quality Control (AQC) exercise for SPCBs recognized by MoEF&CC.
  7. Mapping of water quality of River Ganga using Remote Sensing and GIS.
  8. Bio-monitoring of River Ganga at various locations (Haridwar to Diamond Harbour in West Bengal).