Central Polution Control Board


S. No. Tender Title Contact Person/Phone No. Release Date Closing Date Corrigendum
1 CPCB RD Bengaluru invites quotations for the supply of impingers and condensers Sh.S Suresh RD Bengaluru- 080-23233827 25/05/18 18/06/18
2 CPCB, Delhi invites Online bids from the manufacturer and its authorised dealers of BOSCH make Public Address System for extension of existing PA system -BOSCH make in all floors (For reference only) D, Gauda (DH-Building) - 011-43102420 22/05/18 13/06/18
3 CPCB RD Lucknow invites Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Contract of Computers, Printers, Laptops, Scanners and LAN maintenance Sh. S.K. Gupta, Sc. E - phone -0522-4087601 18/05/18 20/06/18
4 CPCB invites online tender for Rate Contract of Chemicals/Glasswares and Analytical Gases upto 31.03.2020 from original manufacturers/authorized dealers Shri Sethurama Lingam, AO (M) 15/05/18 04/06/18
5 Invitation of sealed quotation for "Supply and Installation of interlocking modular tiles for Badminton court in Parivesh Bhawan, CPCB Sh. Rakesh Ahuja, Sr. Technician - phone -011-43102290 11/05/18 31/05/18
6 CPCB RD Lucknow office invites quotations for Purchase of Regeneration Drier Sh. S.K. Gupta, Sc. E - phone -0522-4087601 16/04/18 14/05/18
7 CPCB RD Kolkata invites Online bids are invited on single stage two bid system from the Travel Agency /Travel Contractor for hiring of Commercial Vehicles (For reference only) Sh. R.C. Saxena, RD Kolkata - 033-24416634 13/04/18 06/06/18 Extention of Last Date for Submission of Bid
Extension of closing date of bid submission
8 CPCB, Delhi invites online Bids for supply, installation, commissioning, testing, demonstration and training of HPLC System, PM10Sampler, PM2.5Sampler, GC-MS, Isokinetic Stack Sampling Equipment (For Reference Only) Shri Sethurama Lingam, AO (M) 06/04/18 18/05/18 Revised Tender Document after Pre Bid meeting
9 CPCB Invites Online EOI for Real Time Data Qualification Services Contractor - Consultant for Real Time WQM systems installed at River Ganga ( For reference only) Sh. R. M. Bhardwaj (DH-WQM) - 011-43102409 16/03/18 31/05/18 Extension of closing date of bid submission
Extension of last date of bid submission
Extension of last date of bid submission
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