SOP for HW SpecificUpdated on : 16 Mar 2018

  1. 1 Revised SOP for Utilization of Spent Solvent for recovery of solvent
  2. Utilization of used/waste thinner for manufacturing of Industrial primer to be used as Automotive paints
  3. Utilization of Waste Dichromate Solution generated during manufacturing of Ibuprofen for production of Basic Chromium Sulphate
  4. Utilization of Spent Sulphuric Acid (generated during manufacturing of 3,5-Dichloro Nitro Benzene) and Spent Sodium Thiosulphate
  5. Utilization of Coal Tar and Tarry Residue generated from Coal Gasifier Units
  6. Utilization of Spent Phosphoric Acid generated during manufacturing of Quinacridone Pigment, for production of Dibasic Calcium Phosphate (HW Category No. 26.3 of Sch-I)
  7. Utilization of Spent Sulphuric Acid generated during manufacturing of Vinyl Sulphone, for production of H-Acid (HW category 26.3 of Sch-I)
  8. Utilization of Flue gas cleaning residue generated from Steel Scrap Melting Induction Furnace, for zinc extraction (HW category No. 35.1 of Sch-I)
  9. Utilization of Synthetic Oil Based mud / Oil based drill cutting waste in Road construction (HW category No. 2.1 and 2.3 of Sch-I)
  10. Utilization of Gasifier Slag containing Nickel & Spent Catalyst containing Molybdenum generated during production of ammonia in nitrogenous fertilizer industry
  11. Utilization of spent carbon (carbon residue) generated from urea fertilizer Industry
  12. Utilization of spent ion Exchange resin generated from Demineralization (DM) plant
  13. Captive utilization of Spent ion exchange resin generated from Demineralization (DM) plant in DRI Kiln of Sponge Iron
  14. Captive Utilization of spent pot lining (SPL) generated from Primary Aluminim smelting Industry
  15. Utilization of Tungsten scrap (Tungsten carbide insert tips) generated from metal cutting operations
  16. Utilization of Phenolic waste water generated from coal gasifier Condensate water
  17. Utilization of coal Tar/Tarry residue generated from Coal gasifier units
  18. Utilization of spent sulphuric acid generated during manufacturing of coal 313 dye using Anthraquinone
  19. Utilization of spent sulphuric acid generated during manufacturing 4, 4-Diamino benzene sulphananilide
  20. Utilization of spent alumina generated from polymerization in swing unit of petrochemical plant
  21. Utilization of spent acid containing molybdenum generated during manufacturing of filaments in bulb/lamp Industry
  22. Utilization of Resin waste generated during resin Impregnation of Electrical coils
  23. Utilization of spent ion exchange resin generated from Demineralization (DM) plant
  24. Utilization of ETP sludge generated from pulp and paper Industry
  25. Utilization of Vanadium Sludge Generated From Alumina Refineries
  26. Utilization of Hydro Fluoro Silicic Acid Generated From Single Super Phosphate Fertilizer Industries
  27. Utilization of Spent Fixer (Hypo) solution Generated From Photographic / X-Ray Films
  28. Standard Operating Procedures and Checklist of Minimal Requisite Facilities for utilization of HW under Rule 9 of the Hazar. and Other Wastes (Management and Transboundary movement) Rules, 2016
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