Message from Member SecretaryUpdated on : 14 Sep 2017

  • Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), being the apex organization in the country for prevention and control of pollution, has been involved in planning and execution of nation-wide programmes for improving the quality of environment. Over the years, we have worked not only for identifying the critical issues and grey areas, but, also made efforts to develop & implement technological solutions and better management practices to address the issues for improvement in environmental quality.

  • CPCB has a vision to address national challenges and set a mission to achieve desired goals. CPCB is responsible for generation of data on all aspects of environmental data, analysis and dissemination to various stakeholders of the society. This is done through regular publications as well putting the information on our website.

  • The advancement in information technology and communication prompted us to proactively device various methodologies to share the information in public domain. Online monitoring of emissions and effluents from industrial units, placing Air Quality Index values of 38 cities through ‘Sameer’ App, SPCB - Samyojan and CPCB-Samanvay portals for uploading success stories are some of the platforms developed by CPCB for transparency in governance. The present website is informative and interactive.

  • I hope, our efforts updating you will help in increased public participation for a cleaner, greener and better environment.
  • A. Sudhakar
  • Member Secretary
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