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Laboratory Analytical Techniques Series (LATS) availability
S.No. Description                                                                   * =Out of Print, Only reference copy available. Price
1. Guidelines on Methodologies for Source Emission Monitoring 200/-
2. Measurements of Mercury of Cold Vapour Atomic Absorption Technique 25/-
3. Lindane Analysis by Gas Chromatogarphic Technique 25/-
4. APAC-MIBK-NITRIC Acid Extraction System for the Determination Spectrometer 25/-
5. Validity of BOD Determination at Higher Temprature as Against standard Condition of 20 o C for 5 days 170/-
6. Report of the National Committee on Waste Water Quality Monitoring Instruments 85/-
7. Specifications for Sophisticated Analytical Instruments/Systems 45/-
8. Specifications for Instruments/Equipments Required for Biomonitoring of Inland Surface Wasters 45/-
9. International Directory of Suppliers and Dealers of Standard reference Materials For Measurement of Metals and Organics 85/-
10. Guidelines for Establishment Evaluation and Gradation of Environmental Laboratories 60/-
11. Dimensionless Toxicity Factor - An Approach to Toxicity Tessting for Regulatory Purpose 60/-
12. Testing and Validation of BODSEED ( A Microbial Mixture) and Alternative to Conventional Sewafe Seed in BOD Determination 60/-
13. Second Nation Workshop on development and Use of environmental references Materials - DUREM -2 100/-
14. Application of artificial Substratum for Bio-Assessment of Water Bodies 50/-
15. Absorbable Organic Halogens (AOX) : An Introduction 85/-
16. Procedding Second Nation Workshop on Development and Use of Reference Materials 100/-
17. Manual on Smapling, Analysis and Characterisation of Hazardous Wastes 200/-
18. Bio-Medical Waste Management ( Case Study NCT-Delhi ) 250/-
19. Guidelines For Evaluation And Recognition Of Environmental Laboratories (Revised & Updated Version) 200/-
20. Studies on Bio-Methanation for Municipal Wastewater of Some Towns in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab 325/-