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Information Manual on Pollution Abatement and Cleaner Technologies Series (IMPACTS) availability
S.No. Description                                                                   * =Out of Print, Only reference copy available. Price
1. Cleaner Technologies - Issue and Options 10/-
2. Manual on Hospital Waste Management 75/-
3. Technology Development and Control of Pollution in Caustic Soda Industry -
4. A Report on Sources of Arsenic and its Control in west Bengal -
5. Biological Treatment of Textile Mill Effluent - A Case Study 100/-
6. Bio-Technologies for Treatment of Wastes 125/-
7. Guidelines for Duckweed Based Wastewater Treatmet Systems 30/-
8. Standards for Water and Air Pollution Control in Some Countries -
9. Treatability Study of DDT Industry Water Water - A Case Study 350/-
10. Biodegradability Study for Industrail Effluent in Aerobic Environment by using BODSEED and Activated Sludge 75/-
11. Cleaner Technology Brainstorming Sessions 450/-
12. Enzymatic Removal of Phenol From Raw Drinking Water By Unsing Peroxidase Enzymes -