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CPCB laboratory is carrying out many R & D related activities and obtained patents for the innovative technologies either solely or in collaboration with Institute of Genomics & Integrative Biology (IGIB), CSIR, Delhi

  • A process for the preparation of a microbial composition useful for reproducible BOD estimation (Indian patent no.: 343/DEL/94: 1998)  
  • Reusable Immobilized Microbial Composition Useful As Ready-To-Use Seed Inoculum In BOD Analysis  (USA Patent No. 5952,188, 1999)
  • A Microbial Composition and a Process useful for the Neutralization of alkaline Waste-Waters. (USA Patent No. 09/160422, 1998 )
  • An Immobilized Microbial Consortium useful for Rapid and Reliable BOD estimation (USA Patent No. 9/557, 440)
  • Process for the preparation of an immobilized Microbial Consortium Useful for Rapid and Reliable BOD Estimation (Indian Patent, 2000, NF/119/2000)
  • An Apparatus for treatment of raw water (Patent No.535/DEL/2001)