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  • BOD test determination at 27°C for 3 days for tropical countries like India as against standard condition of 20°C  for 5 days
  • BODSEED, a microbial mixture, an alternative to conventional sewage seed in BOD determination in collaboration with IGIB, CSIR, Delhi (Patented, Technology transferred and available commercially)
  • BOD BEADS – Improved and reusable version of BODSEED (Patented)
  • Testing and validation of immobilized microbial membrane for development of BOD biosensor for rapid BOD determination
  • Development and distribution of Water Testing Kits (WTK) to NGOs, schools, colleges, and other organizations
  • Development of Fluoride Testing kit (FTK)
  • Development and testing of Sludge Reagent Product (SRP), an innovative Process for Water and Wastewater Treatment
Water Testing Kit (developed by CPCB)
Experimental set-up of SRP Project