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Environmental Standards
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Standards for Treatment and Disposal of Bio-medical Waste by Incineration


The Bio-medical waste generated from Health Care Facilities (HCFs) shall be treated and disposed of in accordance with Schedule-I and in compliance with the standards prescribed under Schedule-II of the Bio-medical Waste Management Rules, 2016 . Standards for Bio-medical Waste Incineration and Plasma Pyrolysis or gasification are prescribed in Schedule II of the BMWM Rules,which are detailed below:


Guidelines on "Design & Construction of Bio-medical Waste Incinerator" and "Common Bio-medical Waste Treatment Facility"

In order to check the proliferation of poorly designed bio-medial waste incinerator, guidelines on "Design & Construction of Bio-medical Waste Incinerator" has been prepared. The guidelines recommend various design features of an incinerator as well as the air pollution control device. The guidelines on "Common Bio-medical Waste Treatment Facility" recommend the minimum infrastructure and treatment equipment requirement of common bio-medical waste treatment facility (CBWTF), recording the transportation of bio-medical waste. The guidelines would help in installing CBWTF with adequate quality and adopting proper operations.



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